50% Chance of Rain

It’s too bad I booked tee times for the four of us today on GolfNow on a ‘Hot Deal’ — that means it’s ‘non-refundable’. That means we gotta pay even if it rains and we can’t go golfing.

The sun was shining when we woke up at around 7:30. We had breakfast. It looked pretty good outside, even if the temperature was a bit cooler than it was for the past few weeks. Sue and Jessie went into Apache Junction to buy a few bags (i.e. about $20 worth!) of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ed and I practiced putting on our backyard putting green.

Jessie puttsAfter an ‘early’ lunch, we left for the Apache Creek Golf Course a little after 12 noon. No rain yet. We checked in and were sent out to the first tee as soon as we were ready. Cool! And it was a bit cool. And we had a very fun time golfing eighteen holes over the next 4 hours. Yeah, every once in a while we had a few drops of rain, and yes, the wind was blowing a bit stronger than it usually does, but the Hildebrands hadn’t hit a golf ball for a few months, and today was a real treat for them. And for us, too. Ed had a couple of birdie TWOs. On the ride home he calculated that as a foursome we’d shot a 70, counting the best shot on each hole. So it was a great afternoon.

Jessie and Sue and a rainbowWe were back home at 5 and had a little ‘happy hour’. Then out came the cards. We played a few rubbers of bridge before and after our pasta supper. Coffee and ice cream for dessert. Rudy and Ed even got a ‘slam’. All-in-all, a very fun day. And the forecast for rain proved to be a bit premature. The ‘real’ rain finally fell for about 10 minutes at 10pm while we were watching the CBC News.

Bridge game with Ed, Jessie, and RudyBy 10:30 the effects of all that fresh Arizona air and the exercise we’d had in it got the better of us. Bedtime.