How to stay warm in Gold Canyon

After breakfast the Hildebrands and we went for a little ride in the van — around ‘our loop’. We ended up at one of the trail heads into Silly Mountain. We’d brought along extra jackets and sweaters, but when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds it was nice and warm. And hiking up the trail warmed us up even more.

We ended up making our way down the mountain by way of a poorly marked trail, and had to pick our way through some cacti and prickly plants. We got back to the main path okay, and decided to hike back to the van by another way.

Ed has a snooze in the loungerWe stopped at Bashas for some groceries before going home for lunch. After lunch we all found a corner to ‘relax’ in. Ed had a snooze on the lounger in the sunshine in the backyard. Jessie and Sue read. I watched a feature on “Muscle Shoals” on Netflix.

Jessie and Ed at Mountain BrookAt 3:30 we loaded the pull carts and our golf clubs into the van and went to Mountain Brook for 9 holes of golf. The sky was VERY dark, and the wind picked up and a few drops of rain began to fall. We wondered whether we’d made a bad choice, but decided to give it a try and if it rained too much we’d ask for a rain check and try again another day. But once we were at the first tee the weather quickly improved — the dark clouds disappeared in the eastern sky and the sun came out and warmed everything up again. We took our jackets off and had a great time golfing 9 holes. Quite a few pars, too.

We got home by 6 pm and had happy hour and played a few hands of bridge. Then the ladies got the salmon and rice on the table and we had a delicious supper. More bridge after supper. We called it a draw at around 10pm. Time to watch the news and go to bed.