A bike ride and a movie

I slept in this morning again. After our morning fruit (grapefruit and banana salad by Sue) we watched some golfers from our kitchen for a while. I saw what was quite probably a golf pro who was giving a lesson to 4 old ladies hit his ball from the tee blocks right to the front fringe of the green — at least 250 yards. I hadn’t seen anyone do that before. Later I watched a couple of old-timers dribble their shots off the tee, and a few others whack their drives into the porches of the houses lining the 13th hole. And that’s how we entertain ourselves here in Chaparral Country Club.
At around 11 we got on our bikes and went for a nice long ride — about 30kms, but with some stops along the way. We were looking for some options for renting a place here for March. We ended up at the Visitor’s Center in Rancho Mirage. Got some leaflets.
Back home we had lunch and then Sue headed out to pool for the afternoon. I worked on some more web projects. Didn’t read at all today. We had an early supper and then went out to see a movie. I couldn’t find the theatre at first, so our 4 minute ride to the cinema included at least 4 major U-turns and we almost cancelled the deal. But eventually we found the shopping complex at The River in Rancho Mirage. We parked our car in the one remaining parking spot and ran to the ticket office. Got in just in time — to see 30 minutes of movie previews in this huge theatre with a huge gorgeous screen — and 3 people besides Sue and me waiting for the movie to begin! Yeah, it was empty. The whole complex seemed empty, although the parking lot was packed. Maybe the restaurants were busy; but not the theatre and not any of the ‘fashion’ stores we ran by on our way to the theatre.
We saw “Rust and Bone” — a french “best foreign film” nominee — with subtitles. It was over 2 hours long, and the story was completely captivating. We both really liked it.
Back at home we had some ice cream, watched a bit of late night TV, and then went to bed. Tomorrow we plan to leave here around 10, heading to Phoenix for Superbowl Weekend.