Gold Canyon, Day 1

This morning after breakfast we started packing. I loaded our bikes and golf clubs into the van, Sue sorted clothes and packed our suitcase. We’re off to Gold Canyon for the weekend. It’s a 4.5 hour drive. We left our place at 10. Just down Country Club to Interstate 10. Then straight east to Phoenix. We drove through the desert, traffic busy in both directions, mountains on either side. It was an easy drive. We crossed into Arizona around lunch time. Stopped to fill up gas because it’s $3.25 instead of $3.79 as soon as you cross the border from California.

Dave and Marylou's rental home at Hidden Treasures Court in Gold Canyon, AZ.
Dave and Marylou’s rental home at Hidden Treasures Court in Gold Canyon, AZ.
It didn’t seem like a very long drive — and once we got into western Phoenix it actually felt like we were ‘home’. We stopped at ‘our’ Basha’s grocery store to pick up some beer. Then up around the back end of Gold Canyon, through the gates, and there we were at the home Dave and Marylou have rented for the winter. It’s a very nice house, and the view is spectacular. We had happy hour on the back patio, in the shade of Dinosaur Mountain, with Superstition Mountain reflecting the pink rays of the setting sun. Gorgeous. We decided on pizza for supper, so I assembled my bike and Dave and I cycled off along the golf cart path on the Sidewinder course, to the pizza restaurant. Order pizzas and then cycled to the coffee shop at the Walgreens corner while we waited for them. The tricky part was bungee-cording 2 pizzas to the bike rack and then cycling them back to the house along that same golf cart path — in total darkness. But the stars guided our way and the coyotes kept a respectable distance. Marylou had made a salad. After supper we watched a Mumford and Sons concert on TV. Visited until nearly midnight. Now it’s bedtime — looking forward to bacon and eggs tomorrow morning, and golf in the afternoon.