A Day on the Green and Evening Cheers: Golfing Adventures and Pizza Delights

I had such a good time reading my Kindle that although I’d woken up at 5:00 I ended up having no time for breakfast before leaving the house at 8:20. As usual, I was on my way to the Emerald RV park where Robert and Arlene were waiting for me to throw my clubs into their CRV for the ride out to Eagle Falls Golf Course, about 20 minutes east on Hwy 10. We golfed as a threesome. It was cool in the morning but after a couple of holes I took off my sweater. The day turned out beautiful — not too hot, and not at all cold.

It seems as though the three of us are taking turns having good, bad, or mediocre games. Today my game was back on track and I finished with a score of 92. Arlene’s new putter, which has served her very well for the last few games, let her down a bit — and Robert had one of the more frustrating outings. By the time we were back in the CRV and heading for home, it was 2:00 and we were already looking forward to our next game. We have Tuesday and Wednesday booked, and then the Dycks are leaving me and heading for Phoenix. I’ll have one week here alone before I fly home for a long weekend to celebrate Christmas with Naomi and family.

The Dycks once again invited me to join them for supper. We arranged to meet again at their place for happy hour and to watch the Jets’ game at 5:00 and we’d order in pizza for supper. I offered to pick up the pizza on my way over.

I went home and showered. I checked in with Naomi who is hanging out at my place for a couple of weeks. She’s happy to be back home and will be catching up with her kids and playing with her grandkids. But she’s also okay to have some ‘alone time’ after a busy day of socializing and doing childcare, and appreciates the chance to have some quiet time at my house.

Just before 5:00 I headed back out. I stopped in at Billy Q’s to pick up the pizza order that Robert had phoned in for us. When Robert texted me before ordering to ask what kind of pizza I wanted, I had replied that I liked “anything with meat and cheese. Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham, and pineapple, whatever…”. Well, it turned out that Robert had ordered me a small pizza with ALL of those toppings! I guess I will need to be a little more specific next time 😉

We ate our pizzas and salads and watched the hockey game, which started off with the Jets outplaying and out-shooting the Predators. But before long the Predators got their game going and turned the tables on the Jets. (Jets lost 3-2)

I said farewell and headed for home after the second period. When I got home I watched the last half of the Sunday Night Football game and FaceTimed with Alex for a while.

I was too tired to stay up late and watch anything interesting on TV, so went to bed at around 10:00. I have a ‘day off’ tomorrow. Maybe I’ll bake a cake.