A long bike ride — and a lucky find

I did the usual morning things today: woke up early, checked my phone, read my emails. Got up, made coffee. (Added the usual splash of Bailey’s to make it more of a ‘holiday’ drink.) I read the news, SteinbachOnline, CBC, NYTimes, Washington Post. I checked some of the blogs that I follow. Did today’s Wordle, Connections, Letter-Boxed, Mini-Crossword. You know, the IMPORTANT things 😉

I read a bit of my book and ate my oatmeal with raisins and cranberries. Need to get more bananas. Maybe later. Took out the garbage. Swept the patio. Made a bowl of strawberry-flavoured Jello so I have something to snack on while watching Monday Night Football in the evening. Made some more Rice Krispie squares, with a nice thick layer of chocolate on top. Wrote my blog.

After lunch (leftover pizza, what else!) I got on my bike and cycled down to the Big Rock golf course, hoping someone had turned in my favourite golf club which I think I left there last Friday. It took nearly an hour to cycle there, but I was hoping that a positive result would make the cycle home, against a light wind, easy. Nope, sorry, no one had turned in my club. The clubhouse guy tells me “Christmas is coming!” Hmmm… But what if I’ve been not nice. I don’t think Santa will bring a ‘naughty’ boy a new Callaway wedge. Then he suggested I check out the “Roger Dunn Golf Shop” just a mile down the road — they might have a used club for me. Nope again. And the used wedges were not less than $140 US. That sucks! As I was cycling back home it occurred to me that I might stop by that little par 9 course Naomi and I frequented the last few weeks. They have some used clubs. So I made a little detour and Boy! was that ever a good decision. They didn’t have EXACTLY my club, but close! No 58 degree Callaway, but they had a 60 degree. Plus, they had what appeared to be a brand new Cleveland 58 degree, with the original store price tag ($139) on it. I bought both irons for $35.00! What a deal. I bungeed the irons to my bike and cycled home — altogether a 25 mile bike ride.

When I got home I carved my pan of Rice Krispie squares into squares and stashed them in the freezer. I was going to go out for supper, but when I checked the TV guide I noticed that Monday Night Football, with the Vikings playing the Bears at home, was about to start. So I sat down and started to watch the game. Just before halftime I got a text from Ed Peters: could we do a FaceTime call? So that’s what I did through the halftime show and most of the 3rd quarter. I’d no sooner hung up when I had a second call, this one with Ingrid, who was also watching the game. And the FaceTime calls only interrupted what turned out to be a TERRIBLE football game, so I really didn’t miss anything at all.

After the game (and the FaceTime calls) I warmed up the leftover pizza from yesterday and washed it down with some red wine. Then I wrote my blog and watched some crappy TV until around 9:30. I’ll post this now and then do a bit of reading from my ‘new’ book, Rage, by Bob Woodward. Can’t get enough of that very stable genius!