Last round at Eagle Falls for Rudy, Robert, and Arlene

I had to hurry my morning coffee and oatmeal. I drove all the way out to Agua Caliente Casino to fill up my van before heading out to Robert and Arlene’s place. When I got there I parked and, as usual, threw my clubs into the back of their CRV. It’s our last game together at Eagle Falls, our favourite course.

We checked in and drove out to the driving range to hit a few balls before getting called to our tee-off. I took my two ‘new’ used wedges and hit a few balls just to see if I could notice any difference between the two. The seem good although the grips are hard and worn and don’t match my ‘newish’ grips on the rest of my clubs. And then, boom, we’re off.

My game began so well! I was getting the ball onto the greens in regulation. But then I proceeded to 3-putt (or worse) and so the scorecard didn’t look nearly as good as my game ‘felt’ to me. And, eventually, it started to catch up with me. Although the DAY was super — sun shining, warm and bright, no pressure from golfers behind, not a lot of waiting for the group ahead, and, as has become the ‘usual’, a DELICIOUS wrap, with apple slices and baby carrots, courtesy of Robert and Arlene, for lunch at the 10th tee box — okay, really NOTHING to complain about, but jeepers! why does my game eventually fall apart and I end up with a failing report card scorecard! Well, I guess all I can do is try again (tomorrow!).

After the game we head back to the RV park and Robert sends one of his clubs along with me; I want to take 3 of my clubs to the PGA Tour store to have them re-gripped, and I’ll get Robert’s done at the same time.

Before I head home I stop by at the grocery store and do a bit of shopping. A bit? Well, I only had a few, mostly breakfast things, on my list, but once I roll that big grocery cart up and down the aisles, before I know it, I’ve got enough stuff to provision the neighbourhood! When I get home I need to rearrange the fridge just to find parking places for all my new groceries.

Then I bundle 6 clubs onto my bike with a couple of bungee cords and I’m off the PGA store. The guy doing the ‘operations’ says it’ll only be a few minutes and he’ll have them finished. And he does! So that’s great — no time to wander around in the store and end up with a few more golf shirts and shorts!

I cycle back home and start supper. Might as well take that huge tray of chicken breasts, which probably doesn’t fit in my fridge as is anyway (yikes, the Americans love their chickens with Triple D breasts!). So for half an hour I cut and slice and carve those babies until they’re perfectly ‘clean’ and in individual baggies and resting quietly in the freezer. I keep one out and slice it in half and fry it up in lots of butter and some spices. I microwave one last big twice-baked potato, a leftover from a previous dinner, and fill the one empty corner of my plate with a small salad, and voila! dinner is served.

I wash the dishes and clean up the counters and settle into my place on the couch. I wrote this post while the PBS folks were busy spoiling an evening of excellent musical concerts with their monthly ‘pledge drive’.

And that’s all for today. If anything really exciting happens after this, I’ll have to add it to tomorrow’s post, because I’m just gonna upload a few photos from today’s golf game and then close the computer and watch Sting’s concert in Paris. Good night.