A recession on the course

Woke up in time to watch our Sunday morning news shows. Lots of leaves in the swimming pool so I cleaned that up. French toast for breakfast. Worked on the computer until it was time for lunch. In the afternoon we went to Rancho Mirage for our 2 o’clock tee time. I got myself dressed up in green for St Paddy’s Day, hoping for a bit of good luck too. The day was perfect for golf, but the course was as unbusy as we’ve ever seen it — I guess the tennis finals have their share of fans today. rudy-golf-mirage-1 sue-golf-mirage-1The thing about our golf game is that, just like the stock market, it goes in cycles. And right now that cycle is in the 2008 phase. But you know what they say: you have to stay in it and believe that over the long haul you’ll be ahead. We joined up with another couple (from Alberta) for the last 9 holes. We got home at 5:30 and had a little happy hour. Great! Worked on the computer for a bit, then watched the news and had supper — Sue’s ‘best’ supper so far (but not mine!). I did a bit more work on the computer — trying to figure out SASS (a computer programming language) — and then one more episode of ‘Restaurant Impossible’ before going to bed.