Adieu, JP

Tuesday: Sue had a bad night. Severe headache. A full-blown cold. But this morning she was feeling a bit better. Jim was up since 5 in the morning, listening to music and reading on his iPad in the living room. After breakfast the Peters left on a bit of a drive: up to Tortilla Flats, maybe even to the Roosevelt Dam. Then they planned to slowly make their way back to La Quinta in California. It seemed that between Bonny’s and Sue’s less than 100% health we really hadn’t done very much. But it was nice to see them and to have them see where we’ve been hanging out.

After Jim and Bonny left Sue sent Jill an email asking about the possibility of us staying here an extra week or two. Then we sat around all afternoon. Sue did some laundry. I played on the computer. We ordered our favourite chinese food from the restaurant at the Walgreen’s corner and I also booked a Redbox DVD online. I went to pick up both at around 6 o’clock while Sue watched the Lang and O’leary Report, live streamed on CBC.

We had honey-walnut shrimp and lo mein with chicken and then sat down to watch our regular Comedy Central shows at 7pm. After that we watched our movie, a sweet little romance called “Like Crazy”. It was okay. We also watched a little bit of news, since today was ‘Super Tuesday’, where 10 states had Republican primary votes. Mitt Romney won, but it was probably closer than it should have been, so the other candidates will stay in the race. That means we’ll have this gong show for probably another month.

Went to bed before midnight. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be cool — a high of 60. Another lazy day at home, I guess.