Hike and a movie

Monday: Jim and Bonny were up already when we got up. Bonny hadn’t really slept well at night. Not feeling well. She opted out of the hieroglyphic hike this morning — so it was just Jim and Sue and I.

A few other folks thought it would be a great day to hike the Hieroglyphic trail.It was supposed to be quite hot today, but a bit of cloud cover seemed to keep the temperatures from reaching their projected highs. We got back from the hike and had lunch. Then the Peters had a nap while I had a shower and did a bit of computer work. We headed out to Superstition Springs Mall for a 3:00pm cheap movie: We Bought a Zoo. It was an entertaining, if somewhat artificial, movie. After the movie we came back to Gold Canyon. We stopped at Walgreens for some sinus medication for Sue, who was feeling miserable with a sinus cold. We had planned to go to the Mexican restaurant for supper but with Sue feeling poorly and me thinking perhaps our restaurant was actually not even open on Monday nights, we decided to order in pizza instead. Jim and I went to pick it up from The Hitching Post. Not bad. Sue added a salad. We skyped with Werner a bit too. Sounds like things at the SR are about as bad as ever. Karen and Sarah are planning a spring trip to Greece. We were watching the Winnipeg Jets beat the Sabres on our computer/TV. Then we watched 2 episodes of “The Mentalist” in a row. Sue went to bed early. By midnight the men we were all in bed. Hope Sue is feeling a lot better tomorrow.