Sunday Golf

Sunday: We got up at 7 and watched a bit of CBS Sunday Morning before Jim and Bonny got up and joined us. We all watched Fareed and then Sue made toast — no, not French toast; just the same old normal toast. After breakfast we all went for a walk around the block. Jim and Bonny needed to be at Ric and Helen’s house by 11, so they left as soon as we returned from our walk. Sue and I read a bit. We had lunch. Then we watched a bit of the Honda Open golf tournament on TV. Sue was feeling a bit like she was suffering from a cold. She tried to nap a bit. Then, at 3:15 we headed off to the golf course. Not too busy there. We teed off right away and played okay for the first half of the game. It was very hot today. By the time we were back at the van it was even hotter, and our golfing was more of a good walk than it was about the game. After the game we putted for a bit before riding back home. We watched 60 Minutes and then had leftover spaghetti. We were sitting in front of the TV watching the Amazing Race when Jim and Bonny returned. They’d gone to visit Harv and Barb Lane and Ric and Helen at their mobile home park. We visited a bit and then Sue got the remote control in her hands. We visited and watched a bit more TV before a night snack of cookies and tea.

Finally at around 10:30 everyone was yawning and tired and Sue announced that she was going to bed. So we all did.