Visitors from Palm Springs

Saturday: After bacon and eggs we spent a bit of time this morning cleaning up the joint. I vacuumed with my newly repaired vacuum cleaner. Sue did a couple of roads of laundry. I worked on the sink a bit more — don’t know if I fixed the leaky drain. Sue cleaned the barbecue. We had lunch. Sue went to Basha’s for groceries while I washed the van. Put more salt in the softener. Then I went to the golf course and hit a bucket of balls. Worked on my iron shots — 5, 7, and P. Sue sat out in the backyard and read. We waited for Jim and Bonny’s arrival. The were here at 5:30 — a 4.5 hour drive from their place in La Quinta (Palm Springs). We had drinks and snacks. Sat and visited. Then Sue got supper going and I barbecued chicken. Had supper. Sat around the table. Moved to the living room. Jim gave me over 100 books for the iPad. Went to bed at midnight.