Friday: Paul and Kathy were out for one last hike this morning by the time I got out of bed. When they returned they were excited to report that they had been surrounded by coyotes on their walk. No pictures though.

After a final breakfast with Paul and Kathy they spent the morning packing and cleaning up. Sue also did a bit of laundry. The sink was leaking again and the vacuum cleaner wand was too broken to be usable so I decided we’d try shopping for repairs and parts on the way home from the airport.  We checked the flight status of Paul and Kathy’s flight to Detroit — everything was okay. Kathy hoped that the plane would avoid the tornadoes that are causing so much destruction up in the midwest.

After lunch we left for the airport. We arrived at the airport at 1:30 and said our goodbyes. It had been another great week.

On the way home we stopped at a Trader Joe’s for more Two-buck Chuck and cheese. A couple of stops at various vacuum repair shops. Finally in Apache Junction we found a repair shop with an old guy who repaired the vacuum cleaner with 3 rivets — for 10 bucks. A great deal. And a stop at the Superstition Fruit Market.

Hurried home and got to the golf course just in time for our 4pm tee time. A couple of golfers got in ahead of us so they could finish their ‘shambo’ game, but after that we never had anyone ahead or behind us. Cool wind, but sunshine. Game was the shits. But it was fun. My feet were very sore. Sue’s back is still not 100%, but golf didn’t seem to hurt it.

We got home a little after 6. I tried to fix the drain on the kitchen sink. I tried out the vacuum cleaner repair. Sue warmed up the leftover pasta and shrimp from yesterday and made a great tomato and avocado salad. And when supper was done we sat down for our comedy channel reruns. More ‘investigative’ journalism after that — 20/20 and 48 Hours.

At home there’s a big snowstorm — highways are closed. Hope our kids are home safe and enjoying their weekend. Tomorrow we’re expecting Jim and Bonny.