Thursday: No internet today. Modem only had 1 light flickering so I unplugged the power and replugged — in order to reset the modem. Now no light was on. Dead. So after breakfast I headed into Apache Junction to see if I could get the modem replaced. Big sign on the MediaCom door: Internet is down in CA and AZ. Oh. Okay. But now what? When internet is restored I will have a dead modem. They can’t replace my modem because their systems are down and they need to record the serial number, etc. How will I know when they’re back up? I go back home with my broken modem.

I worked on the MJ’s logo for Tim until lunch time. Paul and Kathy took the van to Santan to shop for the afternoon. After lunch I read a bit. Sat outside a bit. Sue went to the store to get some shrimp for supper tonight. She stopped in at the cafe and found out that MediaCom is back up. So when Paul and Kathy returned I jumped into the van and went back to their office to get my modem replaced. A busy place! Had to wait my turn. Finally they replaced it. Got back home and had to fiddle with it for a while to get it to work. Now all is good. But it was 4:30, too late for Sue and I to go golfing. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Sue made a great supper again. Not sure that shrimp will become a regular feature of Paul and Kathy’s weekly menu, though. After supper we sat around the table and visited. Then we moved to the living room and turned on the TV. Watched a bunch of crappy TV and had ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. To bed by 11:30 for everyone but me.