Rattling around Superstition

Wednesday: We went for a bike ride after breakfast — just to Walgreen’s and back — and I had my best (to date) speed on the downhill — 65.5 kph. After a shower and lunch we set off for our day trip. Stopped for gas in Apache Junction. Stopped at the old gold mine for a look and a couple of photos. Did not stop at Tortilla Flats for ice cream. Were a bit surprised at how bad the 22 miles of winding gravel roads were to the Roosevelt Dam. Washboard. Big time. Made me glad that I have an old beater of a van for this. Not good for Sue’s bad back.

Got to Tonto National Park just before the 4:00 cut-off time for access to the cave dwelling a half mile walk up the hill. But we got in. And we all walked up. Visited with the park ranger up there — he showed me his photos of flowers and wildlife. Paul was quite afraid of heights and had to have Kathy assist him on the way down. We were doing the drive clockwise for the first time, so after the park we were looking for a cup of coffee. Stopped at a small pub (Boston diner) and got a pepsi. Drove through Superior on our way home.

Stopped at Basha’s to pick up imitation crab and a baguette. Went home and had happy hour and crab appetizers. Then we changed into long pants and walked out to the Mexican restaurant near our place for supper. Paul and Kathy were taking us out for supper. Sat outside under a big heater and next to the fireplace. It was very nice. Had a great Mexican meal. And fried ice cream for dessert. Walked back home — the evening was quite cool by now. Once home, we watched a bit of The Godfather on TV. Everyone was tired and went to bed at around 11. I stayed up and worked on a couple of projects: a logo for Tim, name tags for Len Loeppky’s tour. Then I wrote my journal. It was after 1am by the time I went to sleep.