Romney Wins Arizona

Tuesday: It’s a slow news day when the biggest event of the day is that Mitt Romney wins another state. After breakfast this morning we sat and talked until lunch. Leftover pizza and then the girls went off to the Chandler Fashion Mall for an afternoon of shopping while Paul and I stayed home. I gave a bit of a demo/tutorial on Photoshop to Paul. Then Paul sat in the backyard and read his book while I cycled out to Walgreens to return my 2 (unwatched) DVDs. I watched a few TED talks. It sure was taking those girls a long time to find their way home! Wonder what we’re going to do for supper. Finally the girls show up and I was surprised at how few bags they carried in. Sue had taken my broken AC adapter for my Macbook in to the Apple store and they gave her a new one. That was good. We barbecued cheeseburgers for supper. The news was reporting a Romney win in Michigan and Arizona. After supper we watched a 2-hour PBS documentary about the Amish, followed by a rerun of 60 Minutes. Tired, we went to bed at around 11:30.