Adieu to the Hildebrands

We are waking up later and later every morning. Today it was after eight when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed. Ed was already sitting and reading in the living room. I made coffee and soon Sue was busy making crepes.

After breakfast we watched some curling on TV. Sue and I went for a quick walk. It looked like the day would be a warm one — not the cool miserable day forecast for today. I checked the mail and got the ‘parcel’ Marylou Driedger was waiting for — her long-lost camera. I sent Dave a text to let them know — and got an update back: they left for home this morning and were just having breakfast in Gallup, NM. We’ll bring them the camera when we get home in a month.

Today is the Hildebrands’ last day here with us. After they got back from their walk we sat around and watched a little more TV. They packed their suitcases and loaded them into the van. They have booked a hotel in Phoenix for themselves where they will stay for the next few days. On the way there we made a pitstop at the fruit and vegetable market where Sue bought more groceries. Then we headed down to the mall at Santan Village. We had a nice lunch together there. Then, at around three o’clock, we headed to midtown Phoenix. We dropped off our visitors at their hotel, said our goodbyes, and headed back to Gold Canyon.

Before arriving at our house, we stopped at Bashas to get more groceries. I picked up a burger at Jack-in-the-Box for my supper. At home, we watched 60 Minutes and then drove over to Ed and Val’s. We visited and had ice cream. We got back home by ten o’clock, in time to watch the CBC National. The forecast for tomorrow is for rain and cooler temperatures. We’ll see.