An extra hour?

Some of our electronic clocks automatically adjust the time. They needn’t have. There is no Daylight Savings Time in Arizona. So I actually had to put our alarm clock and the clock in the van into a different timezone today, just to make them show the correct time.

We had French toast today while we watched Fareed on CNN. We switched to golf on the Golf Channel after that. I went to the driving range for a while, and when I got home it was time for lunch. And then we headed into Mesa. First we went to Van’s Golf shop to look at putters. We looked, but didn’t buy. Then we went across Hwy #60 to the Superstition Springs Golf Club. We’d been there once before. This morning I got an email blast from them, advertising cheap golf, so I’d booked us a 3 o’clock tee time for $25 each. We got there a little early and were able to head to the first tee early, just the two of us. Cool! Well, actually we had to wait for the foursome ahead. At every hole. So we only got about 14 holes in before it got too dark to continue.

Rudy at Superstition Springs Golf CourseWe were on the ninth hole when my phone started buzzing. It was Alex and Max, FaceTiming us. Max got to see us golfing, and chasing some ducks and geese around on the course. That was great.

We stopped at a Fry’s grocery store to pick up bread and eggs before heading home. Lots of traffic on the #60 again — it had been a slow crawl out of Gold Canyon on the way TO the course, and there was a long stream of headlights coming from the Renaissance Festival again when we were on our way home. When we got home I barbecued a couple of cheeseburgers and Sue made a salad. We watched the last 2 episodes of “Suits” — at least THAT’S an accomplishment!

Well, that extra hour of sleep that we may or may not have had last night doesn’t mean we’re going to bed any later than usual today.