Watch This

After breakfast (scrambled eggs) we decided that today might be a day for a bike ride, but if so, we’d need get going either before or after the middle of the day — because the weather forecast was for HOT. Actually, that’s the forecast for the next couple of weeks.

Well, my calendar popped up with an alert that at 10am I should watch the Live Coverage from today’s Apple Event. So that’s what I did for 2 hours this morning. More details about the upcoming release of Apple Watch. Prices too. So really, not all that much ‘new’ — I’d seen most of the videos for the watch before. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever get one of those watches — I don’t wear a watch (or a ring) and I’m not going to start now. Except you never know — it IS an Apple product…

After the Apple event I read my big book for an hour before lunch. After lunch I read some more. At around 3pm I went across the road to the driving range. When I got back at 4:30 we had ‘happy hour’ before going for a quick brisk walk just before sunset (when the temperature was beginning to cool down a bit).

I’d “discovered” this morning that actually there are SIXTEEN episodes of ‘Suits’ in Season 4 — so actually yesterday when we watched episode 10 it was NOT the┬álast one. Oh, oh. So found and downloaded the final six in the series, and tonight we watched those. One before supper, and then a marathon of five 45-minute episodes tonight. We finally finished for real just before 11pm. Just enough time to watch a bit of the CBC News before going to bed.