And we golf…

How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter! the joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman. Song of Solomon 7:1

Other than the fact that both Dave and MaryLou now suffer from Plantar fasciitis and are either sitting with an ice pack under their feet or hobbling down the road like a couple of wounded Canada geese, we are off to a great start! And things will get better. Dave, who should have brought his ‘newer’ sandals, is doing his best to ‘walk different’, and MaryLou intends to set up that brand new rowing machine that is just taking up space in our apartment — and the rehabilitation should take no time at all. And don’t even get me started about their jewelled thighs…

We had a morning coffee at the house and then went to the clubhouse for breakfast. “Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day. And I’ve got a beautiful feeling…” sitting outside on the large patio and having bacon and eggs with a cup of coffee while watching early morning golfers duff balls on the driving range.

After breakfast we went to see the boss lady who would sell us our monthly club memberships. Well actually, the boss lady no speaky no English, but she got the very attractivo Maria who hablar Anglaise muy bueno to sell us the memberships. Great. And with each membership the spouse gets to use all the facilities (and even golf) for free. Excellente! MaryLou mucho pleased!

So after those formalities were over Marylou headed to the gym (included) and Dave and I went to the first tee. Although both of us hadn’t hit a golf ball for a number of weeks, no one was killed or injured when we teed off — so we were off to a good start. And by the time we reached the second tee we’d caught up with the group ahead. That is how we hooked up with a couple (from Ottawa) and made it a foursome. We played a very enjoyable nine holes. Nine, because the back nine apparently gets a little maintenance treatment on Mondays. Oh well, we were okay only golfing nine on our first day. Although the weather was fantastic, there were a few times when the sun came out from behind the clouds and that warmed us up good and proper. It was time to cool off on the clubhouse patio with a beer.

Back at the house we sat around and visited for a while. After a little happy hour and a shower we walked to the minimarket. We bought some snacks and got a couple of SIM cards installed in the Driedgers’ phones. Then back to the house to put our groceries away.

Shortly before 6:00 we left for the clubhouse again — this time for supper. Because the kitchen closed at 6pm yesterday we thought we’d make sure to be there a bit before six tonight. And we were. Unfortunately, when we got there we were informed that the cocina (kitchen) was closed on Mondays! What? Again?

It’s a good thing we are so relaxed and patient and easy to please. No problema. But what to do? Well, the neighbour lady drove by in her van and when her boys told here that we were looking for a restaurant suggestion she recommended one not far from our place. Hermana República. That gave Dave a chance to see if his new phone card and Uber account worked. It did. The restaurant was just down the road from our country club. And it was fine! Great local beers on tap, burgers and sandwiches and stuffed peppers. Followed by a short Uber ride back to our place.

Just before we’d left home Dave, who was checking out the big TV discovered that our fancy TV thingy gave us access to MANY brand new movies — movies that in many cases are still showing in the cinema. Now, as we walked back from the taxi drop-off to our house, Dave suggested one of his trademark ‘who-will-pick-tonight’s-movie’ selection system. Okay, how about alphabetical, suggests MaryLou. That would mean Dave first, followed by MaryLou, and then Rudy. Great idea.

Tonight MaryLou chose to watch the movie “The Wife”. It was a fine movie, and we all enjoyed the evening. Our TV is great. Our food and drink is great. Our weather is great. Our golf is great. Our feet — well, they are beautiful with shoes. Let the good times roll.