Another game at Mountain Brook

After breakfast Tim and Alex went into Apache Junction to the big Farmer’s Fruit Market while Max and I went to the pool. Max and I had a great time at the pool — Max can swim across the pool without help and is happy to spend a whole morning in the water. The pool is heated and there is a hot tub next to it in case we needed to ‘warm up’ a bit. Max is also very much into telling jokes. He’s memorized most of one of his joke books, and when we’ve heard all of those jokes we start making up jokes of our own. Max loves love to laugh.

We went back to the house and Tim and Alex returned with a pile of fresh fruit ($7 worth!) about the same time. Sandwiches and chips for lunch. After we read and did some computer work and built a helicopter with Lego. Soon it was time to get dressed and ready for another family golf game at Mountain Brook. 

It took a while for us to get going — the guy at the clubhouse was so busy ‘visiting’ with two guys at the counter and didn’t have time to take our money! But eventually we drove our carts through the tunnel under the road to the first tee and started our game. It was busier today than the other day — we had to wait for players ahead at every hole and there were golfers behind us too. So that meant we couldn’t “waste” too much time putting on the green with Max. But he was happy and we had a good time. We “finished” a little early, heading back to the clubhouse after fifteen holes because Max needed a bathroom break. It was just after six o’clock and the course really wanted the carts in by 6:15 anyway. It was a little too bad because both Tim and Alex were playing a pretty good game, but in the end we’d probably had our quota of golfing fun and it was time for supper!

Back at the house Tim barbecued hotdogs and Alex made a salad. Then we continued our ‘activities’ from after lunch, reading and visiting and playing with Lego. Max had a shower and went to bed a little after eight. The rest of us watched at least the beginning of the latest “The Trip” movie before we too went to bed.

More golf tomorrow!