A Day “Off”

Or maybe I should say an “off” day. I woke up and went downstairs. Alex came down a short while later. We were going to cycle to Basha’s this morning and have a coffee and pick up pastries for breakfast. But not today. Alex hadn’t slept more than an hour — Tim was sick and spent much of the night vomiting and retching in the bathroom. Max had a bad dream about mountain lions (thanks to that Grand Canyon IMAX film) and had come upstairs and slept with the parents. And Alex was carrying the weight of those worries and feeling terrible. 

I took Max down to Basha’s and we got the pastries and a couple of coffees from Starbucks. After breakfast Max and I went for a bike ride, back to the park. Tim would spend the day in bed. Alex would finish reading her book. 

Tim and I had a tee time booked at Sidewinder but it didn’t look like Tim would be in any shape to golf. His body was aching. He got up for a few minutes and thought that maybe he was okay, but we sent him back to bed. I called the course and cancelled the tee time.

After lunch Alex and Max went to the pool. I stayed back and did a couple of ‘projects’ on the computer before joining them. The pool was BUSY! Lots of people there. It appeared that some families were joining their retired parents for the Easter holiday weekend here. So there were families at the pool, kids playing in the pool and the older folks sitting around and watching or reading or visiting. It was a warm day, maybe the warmest day this week, and a perfect day for the pool. Max barely came out of the water at all. He had his goggles on and was paddling from side to side and across the pool, dodging the ‘football’ that some older kids were throwing at each other. Max has turned into a little fish — a happy little fish.

Back at the house it was happy hour. Well, not so happy. Alex was worried about Tim who wasn’t feeling any better. I went down to Walgreens to talk to the pharmacist. She suggested that it might be a 24- or 48-hour bug, but that it was important for Tim to re-hydrate. I bought a bottle of Gatorade and another of ginger ale to take back. I also stopped at the ‘Urgent Care’ clinic across the road and checked on their hours for tomorrow (Good Friday). Open as usual, from 8am to 7pm. Okay. If there’s no improvement by tomorrow we have some options. 

Back at the house we had our G&Ts and then left Tim at home while the three of us went out for supper. We drove to the shops at Signal Butte and ended up at a Chili’s restaurant. After about a half hour wait we got a table. Today is Major League Baseball’s Opening Day — so there was baseball on all the TVs in the restaurant. We had a nice supper. Max was entertaining us with his ‘jokes’ again. We got back home at around 8pm. PJ time. Bedtime story. Good-night.

Alex and I sat in the living room watching TV. Not much on. Well, how about some ‘runway’ reality TV show about guys sewing dresses for some models. Hmmm… Alex sure knows how to pick TV shows! I think it was barely nine o’clock when Alex disturbed my dozing in the chair and sent me off to bed, too.