Auckland Sky Tower

A cool, windy, drizzly day here in Botany Downs. We sleep very well, going to bed before ten and waking up at 6:30 or 7:00. The only thing on today’s agenda is a bus ride into the central business district of Auckland. It’s a nearly 1 hour ($7) bus trip. We got dropped off near the Sky Tower — and the bus driver gave us walking directions. It was lunch time — so our first stop was at a little sushi bar under the shadow of the tower. Then we bought our $23 tickets and lined up to get into the elevator. We got out on the 51st floor, took a walk around, took some photos, tried to spot Brian and Val’s hotel, which is right on the harbour. We took another elevator up to the 60th ‘Sky Walk’ level, viewed the surrounding city one more time, and then took the elevator back down.

We were wearing our rain jackets so the light drizzle didn’t really bother us as we walked down to the end of the wharf. We found the apartments where Brian and Val are booked when they arrive this weekend. Then we trudged all the way back (uphill) to where we were to catch our bus back home. After about 15 minutes waiting our bus showed up. The buses seem empty. We rode through New Market and several other suburbs before ending up back at our mall. Back at our apartment we watched a few more episodes of Narcos, although I snoozed through most of them. Sue woke me up when supper was ready. After supper we tried sitting in front the TV again, and although Sue managed to stay awake, I could not. To bed by 10pm.