max and rudy before bedtime
Max in his pyjamas, snuggling with grampa for a bit before going to bed.

After breakfast today I worked on the computer for much of the morning. Tim read. Sue and Alex went for a walk. Or maybe Alex went for a run — I’ve forgotten who did what. In the afternoon the girls went to sit at the pool. I got on the bike and cycled to Albertson’s to pick up a movie rental for the evening. Then at around 4pm Tim and Alex left for their ‘date’, leaving the grandparents to ‘babysit’. Tim and Alex went to see a movie (Argo) and then to a Mexican restaurant for a 6:30 reservation. Sue and I had a lovely evening with Max. When he awoke from his nap we played for a bit and then he sat in his ‘lounger’ while we had supper (leftover shrimp and pasta). After supper Max had a little snooze while Sue and I watched Colbert and the Daily Show reruns. He woke up just before the kids came home from their date. Sue warmed up a bottle for Max and I did my best to encourage him to drink it. But Max was battling the sandman and ultimately lost the fight — when I laid him down on the bed he gave me a giant smile, turned his head to the side, and went to sleep immediately. The kids stayed up for a few minutes with us, but they both were tired (extra large margaritas) and that left Sue and me to watch my movie rental. The movie was “Ruby Sparks” — I saw the first part of it. Sue watched the most of the movie on her own. It was 10:30 when the movie ended. I still had to write my journal. I did that, and then, by 11pm, everyone in the house was asleep.