The Grammys with Cake

I woke up when I heard Max was up at around 6. Alex got up too and fed Max. Sue and Alex went for a 1-hour walk around the neighbourhood. By the time they got back Tim was up and we watched CBS Sunday Morning. Sue made french toast with bacon. After breakfast we lazed around the house, playing with Max.

max on the floor
Learning how to roll over.

I tried to get him to rollover — he was lifting up his legs and using the weight to help him fall over to the side. We had a great time. After lunch we watched a bit of golf on TV while the girls went to sit at the pool. Tim mixed up a bottle of formula and fed Max. That too is a new thing — but just like yesterday, Max gulped it down as if it is the real thing. Tim and Alex went for a little grocery run and came back with a chocolate cake from the bakery near Bristol Farms grocery store. Sue got supper going. We barbecued chicken and quickly ate our supper before 7pm when “60 Minutes” was on TV. Tim and Alex skyped with Tim’s parents — latest update from Tim’s grandma’s situation is that she is still hanging on — no real change — so they are glad they didn’t cancel their plans to come out here at the last minute. We watched our show, and then it was time for the Grammys. We all wondered how many of these singers we would actually recognize. And at least for the first hour, the ‘star-studded’ lineup wasn’t enough to really energize the show. Well, at least we had cake! And so by 10pm Alex sauntered off to bed. Then Sue. Then I lay down on the couch and drifted off just in time to miss the Levon Helm tribute — the one item on the program I actually was looking forward to! I woke up for the last song — around midnight. Went to bed tired. (I learned next morning that Mumford and Sons won for best album.)