Back on track

After a couple days of cold and rain, today we seemed to get back on track. Sure, the morning still looked cold and wet — although the rain had stopped — but at least the sun was out in the morning. It’s amazing how that makes everything seem more positive.
SlideshowI worked ALL MORNING adding almost 200 photos to the SD camera card for the digital photo frame we’ve bought for my parents for Christmas — lots of photos from our Southeast Asia trip from a couple of years ago, including Japan, and our Buenos Aires photos. It seems these ‘little’ projects always end up consuming the better part of the day.
I also did a small job for Tim at Oak Leaf. I did NOT read my next book. Sue was busy trying to clean the shower door which looks quite stained by hard water — I’ll need to run the softener when we come back in January.
We had lunch. Great (as usual). Last of the chips. Cleaning out the fridge because tomorrow is our last day here until next year.
At 3:00 we were back at Mountain Brook. NOBODY else on the course! But the sun was out for most of the time, and although the course was wet, we didn’t get our feet soaked and had a great time. That doesn’t mean I played great — no, I had some good holes and too many poor ones — lost by 2 strokes on nine holes to Sue and her new clubs. Well, at least I want to blame it on the clubs — it can’t be that I’m just so useless.
When we got back home I reported our intentions to leave for a couple of weeks to our neighbors, Mike and Charlotte, whom we never see otherwise. All good. Sue warmed up the leftover Chinese food from yesterday. We had a gin and tonic, then supper. Watched our comedy channel shows. Then Sue put in one of Jill’s movies, “The Sum of All Fears”. Okay. Sue didn’t really like it and was playing Bridge on her iPad. I dozed off a couple of times. Snacks of grapes and nuts.
Watched a 60 Minutes rerun and some late night TV before heading off to bed — our last night of 2011 here in Gold Canyon.