This is NOT the Arizona we’ve come to know

Another full day of rain. Cold and rain. Lots of rain.
Sue did laundry in the morning. Read a bit. Messed up a sudoku. Ed H from Lorette called and lined up their dates to visit us at the end of January.
After lunch we headed out to Queen Creek. Had a coffee at Starbucks. Bought more socks at Target. Checked out the booze prices at BevMo.
Then we went to Santan Village. Went to Walmart. Went to the Apple Store where Sue played Bridge on her iPad while she waited for her ‘genius’ appointment. The ‘genius’ diagnosed her iPad — and concluded that the ‘problem’ is with the Bridge game app, not the iPad. Now it was dark, after 6pm.
We went to the big Total Wine store and bought a ton of beer and a few bottles of wine. Drove back to Gold Canyon; stopped at the Chinese restaurant on King’s Ranch Road and ordered takeout. Went home and ate half of it. Stashed our booze.
Vinturi aeratorTried out the Vintura Aerator we’d ordered on Amazon (it was sitting where FedEx had dropped it off — in a plastic bag outside our door) with our wine — yep, makes the wine taste better.
After supper we watched one of Jill’s movies, Desperado. Lame. Well, except that that Salma Hayek is one hot babe. But it would have been nice if the movie had a plot.
Watched a bit of late night TV and retired to bed.