Blue Monday (Again!)

Rain, rain, go away…
Well, this is something we’re not used to. A solid day of rain and clouds. Really! So we listened to James Taylor all day. In fact, I downloaded the 2007 album “One Man Band”, a live concert recording, and we listened to that.
After breakfast we sat around and read our books. In fact, today we both finished the books we were reading; I finished the David Bergen book and Sue finished the Steve Jobs biography.
We had leftover pizza for lunch. After lunch we tried to watch Charlie Rose on PBS, but it was boring. Rudy did a logo job for Tim at Oak Leaf. We even got out our rain jackets and tried to go for a walk around the block but had to turn around early and hurry home before the rain again came down hard.
JT - one man bandSue made supper: basa fillets with rice. After that we watched Monday Night Football. The game was boring so we switched to The Daily Show for a while. Then, after the game, we watched the 2-hour special “One Man Band” featuring James Taylor, which I had downloaded (took almost all day). The show was great and even though it was only over at 11pm, we managed to stay awake. In fact we watched about half of the CBC National news after the concert.