Better than 50/50

Monday: Title reference to the movie we watched tonight, which was better than its title suggested. So was this Monday.

Breakfast, followed by our annual “Nikkel State of the Finances” update. Got out the old spreadsheets, looked up our credit union accounts, and tried to get a picture of our ‘net worth’. Well, it’s a whole lot less complicated than it used to be! At least on the ‘income’ side. Still, all-in-all, we’re doing okay — the secret is to spend less than you ‘earn’ and to be content.

A hard-core hike up and around Silly Mountain followed. Good work-out followed by (another) great lunch (sandwiches, what else?)

We had an email from Ed Peters asking if he could join us for our 9 holes of golf. So Ed and Mark Fox joined us at Mountain Brook at 3:15 — Mark walked the course while the rest of us blasted balls in various directions. Lovely warm day; not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Drinks at Ed’s after the game — Val is still feeling crappy but now has new medication and is hoping to salvage the last few days of her 2-week ‘vacation’ in Gold Canyon. We talked about maybe hiking up to the hieroglyphics on Friday.

After chicken enchiladas for supper (YUM!) I Skyped a bit with Tim (a little tutorial on Illustrator) and watched the rerun of Colbert Report before popping in tonight’s DVD: 50/50. Started out as a nice little movie, but I did not see then end of it. I’ll watch the parts I slept through tomorrow morning before breakfast.