Oscar Count-down

Tuesday: Read a bit after breakfast, and then went for a bike ride at 11. Went to Walgreens to return our DVD (50/50) and pick up my next one (Contagion). Home for lunch. After a quick shower we hopped into our van and headed into Mesa. First stop: a golf shop where I got my old hybrid utility club regripped. Then we went to a shoe store and Sue bought some new running shoes. Then Target for some cosmetics (while Rudy enjoyed popcorn and Coke). Then at 3:20 we were in the big Harkins 25 Theatre, sitting there with our 3D glasses, watching Martin Scorcese’s “Hugo”. Not bad, not great, but it’s got 11 nominations for the Academy Awards at the end of February and we have to work our way through about 10 must-see movies before then. We were back home just as the sun was painting Superstition Mountain pink. Supper was a great salad and leftover enchiladas. Then Daily Show and Colbert reruns. Skyped with Alex re haircut (bangs). Watched our “Contagion” video — so-so. A bit of schlocky news channel bla-bla-bla about the Florida Republican Primary. Late night TV and to bed. Whew!