These boots are made for walkin’…

I guess the coffee grinder woke up the visitors. Oh well, it was 7:30 and time to get out of bed. At breakfast it was decided that we’d be hiking the Hieroglyphic Trail today. But first! new hiking shorts for Noreen. No problem. Sue and Noreen baisled off to Ross for some morning shopping. Ron and I decided to go for a walk — first up our little ‘Vista Point’ to get a bird’s eye view of the neighbourhood, and then down to the Walgreens corner for a coffee at the ‘Common Ground Cafe’. We had a leisurely coffee and a leisurely walk back home, and got home just in time to see the girls all decked out in new outfits! And then it was time for lunch.

After lunch I went to the driving range for almost an hour, just to annoy myself. When I got home the gang was sitting in the warmth of the sunshine — in the garage. I changed into my hiking boots and we were off!

It was sunny but a bit of a cool wind — just right for hiking. We actually passed a number of slower hikers on our way up. A few photos. More water than we’ve ever seen before in the pools — thanks to the recent rainy days, I guess.

When we got home we had snacks and drinks. We watched the news while Sue cooked the salmon dinner. After dinner we went back to the living room to watch a movie. “Whiplash” is an intense movie about an intense band teacher. I thought it was very good. Sue was a bit too ‘mad’ at the characters to give the movie any credit. Well, at least the music (and the drum solo) was impressive. Five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

We finished off the evening with a dish of ice cream and fruit and the CBC News, including the At Issue panel — lots of talk about our 80-cent dollar. Oh well, how about that $1.72/gallon price of gas?