Championship Weekend

Saturday: Since I forgot to update yesterday’s events this will be an entry for  the weekend.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then Dave D came over to ‘do some business’. Sue was cleaning up for the weekend — Ed & Jessie are coming for the week tomorrow. We went to the fruit market before lunch. Another big shop for lots of fruit for not too much money. We also went to Fry’s for groceries. Got home after 1pm and had lunch. At 3pm Dave stopped by to pick me up for 3pm golf. MaryLou came by and worked on her Carillon article and blog post while Sue baked monster cookies. Dave and I had a nice nine holes, although my great idea of using my 3 wood instead of my driver didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.

For supper we barbecued burgers. Then we got into Dave’s car and went to see a movie at 7:30 — “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” — a pretty good movie, although not 5 stars. The Driedgers dropped us off and we went to bed not long after we got home.

Sunday: After breakfast and watching Fareed, Dave and MaryLou were at our place by 9am. We took them to the airport for their flight to Honolulu. We got back about 90 minutes after leaving — a quick roundtrip. Then we settled in to watch the NFL League Championship games.

Game 1, Ravens in New England. Game went quite well — an exciting game that the Ravens could have (and should have) won — except that their receiver dropped a touchdown pass in the final minute, and then the field goal kicker missed the opportunity to tie the game by kicking it wide. So the Pats won 23-20.

Game 2, Giants at San Francisco. Another great game. We watched the first have (and had a little snack. The half ended with the Giants ahead 10-7. Then we got into the van and headed to the Sky Harbor Airport to pick up Ed and Jessie Hildebrand. We listened to the game on the radio while we waited in the ‘cell phone waiting’ lot for the Westjet flight to arrive. When they arrived Sue met them and we got their bags into the van and hurried home. Luckily the game ended in a tie — and we were back home in the house in time to watch the overtime period. The Giants won with a field goal after the ’49ers fumbled a kick return.

After the game we sat down for a late supper — kind of a ‘faspa’ that Sue had prepared for us. A bit of visiting and we were all in bed by 11pm.