A Day with the Hildebrands

Monday: After morning breakfast (toast) and a couple of hands of bridge, Ed and Jessie and Sue and I went out for a hike. We hiked up Silly Mountain behind our house; we hiked to the top of the front 2 peaks and then circled back along the Superstition View trail. It was time for lunch by the time we got back. The weather was great: not hot, a bit cloudy, just right for outdoor activities.

Ed & Jessie at Mountain Brook GolfAfter lunch we hung around at our house for a bit — Ed had a little nap outside and I had a shower and Sue read. Then we headed out to Mountain Brook for nine holes of golf a little after 3pm. Again, despite the forecast for afternoon showers, the weather turned out perfect for golf. Cloudy, not too hot, no golfers to slow us down or hurry us up. And although Sue had a poor game, the rest of us had a wonderful time. We finished our round at around 5:30. Ed completed 9 holes at 1 over par (36), Jessie scored 5 over par (40). I’m not sure what my score was, but for once, my fairway wood performed well — most of my tee shots were longer and straighter than I’ve shot so far. Now if only my putting were a little better.

We drove around our loop before going home, and still got to see a rose-coloured sunset reflected on Superstition Mountain. Wonderful!

Sue made spaghetti and meat sauce for supper. And after a few more hands of bridge she made banana flambé for dessert. A little more bridge. At 10:30, after watching a bit of tennis (Australian Open) we headed to bed.