Golfing with Ed & Ed

Tuesday: Breakfast, followed by a couple of bike rides: first Ed and Rudy went around the loop while Sue and Jessie shopped groceries. Then the girls took the bikes while the boys sat and read. Lunch at 12. A bit more reading. Our Amazon order (a digital photo frame) arrive so I ‘borrowed’ the memory card from my camera and loaded it up with our travel photos — and boxed it all up again, ready to be delivered to Sue’s mom.

I had emailed Ed & Val and invited them to join us for our golf game. At 3:15 we picked up Ed Peters and went to Mountain Brook for nine holes. My drives were not as good as they were yesterday, but in the end my score was a bit better! I shot 48, Ed Peters shot a 46, and Ed H won with a 42 (not quite the 36 he scored yesterday). But the sun was shining, the temperature was about 68, and we had fun.

I barbecued the salmon for supper — which was delicious! Then we cleared off the table and played bridge until 10:30. We’ve arranged to go hiking to the hieroglyphics tomorrow morning at 10 (Ed & Val will join us) and then drive to Gilbert for an afternoon golf game and maybe a drink with Al & Shirl (they’re heading for home on Thursday — and will take our photo frame home for us).