Chance of rain?

When Sue woke up this morning at 6 she was expecting to hear the pitter patter of raindrops on our window. That’s what the weather forecast was. That would mean we would likely cancel our morning golf game at the Metropolitan.

That would be wrong. As the morning sky began to brighten it was clear there would be no rain today. Just another perfect day in paradise. Rudy, get up. We’ve got a 7:30 tee time.

After coffee and fruit we walked across the road to the golf course. Other than a few rows of porta-potties, there was little evidence of yesterday’s massive cycling event. This may be Africa, but the cleanliness and efficiency of city workers put OUR big cities to shame. Roads and sidewalks are clean and in great shape. The parks are green, clean, maintained.

We were a bit early for our golf game, but the starter told us to just go — so we golfed, just the two of us, for the first nine holes. That’s not happened for us at this course before. By the time we got to the 10th tee there were some groups ahead, so we had to wait. We decided to pair up with another couple once it was our turn. Marty is a South African who’d lived in Vegas for 25 years before moving back her in 2001. Mara was his ‘office wife’, an Italian woman who was in Cape Town to study and improve her English. And to golf. Kabaam! That woman could drive the ball off the tee! Out-drove the guys every time. Anyway, we had a good time golfing today. Sue played one of her better games, while my game was not-so-good. But, as I say when the game’s not so good, “I had fun.”

We walked back to our apartment and had lunch. Then we sat around for a bit. Sue tried (and failed) to have a nap. Alex and Max skyped. At around 6 we left for a long walk to the Ocean Basket restaurant down in Sea Point. By the time we got there we were hungry. Fish and chips and prawns and sushi. All good.

We took the MyCiti bus back to our place at around 8:30. Back in our room, we watched a bit of TV. I was tired (all that walking out in the sunshine! how can the weather-man get it so wrong?) and couldn’t keep my eyes open. At 10:30 we went to bed.