A Change of Plans

We THOUGHT we were going for a little hike with Robert and Arlene this afternoon — but that all changed when we got a text message this morning. Arlene has injured her ankle during their morning walk and she and Robert are sitting at the Urgent Care Clinic waiting to see a doctor!


We watched our Sunday Morning shows — and skyped with Alex and Max for a while. At 11 o’clock the football games started. That’s what I did all day — watched the Vikings and the Giants both lose, and the Packers and the Patriots both win. OUCH! Well, at least the Arizona Cardinals continue to win and at least the Bengals beat the Saints, and the Chiefs beat the Seahawks. I guess I’ll cheer for the Cardinals.

Sue hung out at the pool all afternoon — finished reading the Miriam Toews ‘Puny Sorrows’ book.

Looks like Arlene will be laid up in the motorhome until at least Tuesday afternoon, when she will see a specialist and find out what’s next for her ankle. At least for now, hiking and golfing is out for her.