Cool and Wet in Napier

Second day in a row where we stayed indoors for most of the day. Sue read and I kept working away at a website. I drizzled a bit on and off, and the temperature was closer to 18 than to 30. I suggested we go golfing in the afternoon, but Sue was happy reading and didn’t want to get her runners wet. I was okay with staying home too. Finally, for supper, we put on our rain jackets (it didn’t rain anymore) and went looking for that fish market that our host Robyn had recommended for buying fish and seafood. We found it, although it wasn’t easy. Tangaroa Seafoods is tucked away off any main road, at the end of a long industrial road. I wasn’t very optimistic about it until we got there and stepped inside. It was a clean and organized store — a big counter the length of it with fish nicely displayed. Sue asked for some advice in regards to what kind of fish we should buy. After a few questions the lady behind the counter recommended ‘John Dory’ fish. So that’s what we bought. Another stop at the ‘Four Square’ grocery store for a few more things on the way home.

Sue finished reading her book, Three Men in a Raft. She’s borrowed two books from Robyn and wanted to finish them before we leave Napier. Speaking of which, we’ve decided to stay here until next week Sunday. That way we can see some of the ‘Art Deco’ festival events that will be held here next weekend. Plus, we really like it here, we still have golf games to play and movies to see — and we’re hoping the weather on the South Island catches up with the weather we are having (okay, WERE having) here. 

So Sue fried up the fish and made some rice and corn-on-the-cob too. Nice. 

John Dory fish fry

After dinner we carried on as we’d done all day until around 8:30. Then I put away my programming project, Sue put away her iPad Scrabble game, and we made some popcorn and watched “13th”, a full-length (2 hours) documentary that’s on the Oscars list. Quite good, although by the time it was over we were both tired and ready to go to sleep.