It Rained in Napier Today

After weeks of sunshine and marvellous weather, we had a ‘day off’ today. Sue read and I did some web work on the computer. We’d booked a movie at the little Globe theatre across the street for 4 o’clock. We had a Skype visit with Max and his parents at around 3. Then we put on our long pants and rain jackets and went to see the movie “Jackie”. It was a bit slow-moving and maybe even boring. After the movie Sue and I went for a walk around our area of town and discussed the movie. We also checked out some options for dinner. We weren’t really hungry yet so we decided to go home and get out of the drizzle and warm up and have happy hour first. So that’s what we did. And an hour or so later Sue phoned the Thai restaurant and ordered ‘take-away’. I picked it up and we ate at home. We talked about watching another movie on the computer but I was too into my programming and wanted to work on that. So Sue read some more. At around 9 we watched the news for a bit — nothing new — and then watched a bit of the late night talk shows on my laptop (Colbert and Seth Meyers) before going to bed.