Couch golf

Sunday: Woke up early and got settled in front of that TV for the Sunday morning talk shows. Sue woke up with her back feeling even worse than it did yesterday. No activities today. We read a bit. French toast for breakfast. Read some more. Waited for golf on TV to begin at 1pm. Final day of the Nationwide Open. Mickelson in the lead. Lots of drama. Show dragged on a bit when the leaders began to miss their putts. Then, just as it looked like the tournament was done, Mickelson and Bradley made birdie putts on 18 to force a 3-way play-off with Bill Haas. Haas eventually made a 45-foot putt to win it. Too late for me to go hit another bucket of balls at the golf course, although after watching golf all afternoon I felt quite inspired. It was already after 5pm. That left less than an hour for us to drive to Apache Junction to pick up my Redbox DVD rental, pick up supper from Jack-in-the-Box, and go for a short walk. We managed to do all three things, although the walk was cut a bit short! Still, we made it home with a movie and burgers in time to see the beginning of 60 Minutes. After the show we watched our movie rental, “Of Gods and Men”. The movie was number one on both of the Thiessen’s best of 2011 list as found on their website Vic & Walter Thiessen – On Movies. Well, 2 hours later, Sue and I looked at each other and wondered if we’d missed something! Ended the day with a bit of shlockey TV (what else is new?) and listened to the dishwasher as we tried to go to sleep.