It’s a Record

Monday: Sue’s back was a bit better today — I think the ibuprofen is working for her. She’s still very tentative when she moves around but there is less wincing and grunts of pain when she turns the wrong way.

So, although it’s Presidents’ Day (2 for 1 entry fee at the Renaissance Festival today!) and the weather is great, there’ll be no exercise activity today. Actually, just because Sue has a back issue doesn’t preclude me from having a bit of exercise. Ironic then that Sue went for a walk around the block today while I sat inside and read my book.

After an early lunch we headed into Scottsdale for the afternoon. Went to the Harkins theatre at Camelview 5 to see the 12:45pm showing of “Albert Nobbs” (nominated for Best Actress, Supporting Actress, and Makeup). It was better than we expected.

Then we headed up on Scottsdale Road to the Harkins at Shea Blvd for the 4:10pm showing of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” (nominated for Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Original Score). We had almost an hour to kill first so we went to a great coffee shop in the strip mall there and had coffee and watched people around us. After the movie (plot was too complex; we’ll need to either read the book or watch this movie again — or maybe watch an earlier version of the movie — to catch on to what actually happened here) we hightailed it home. Stopped at a Carl’s Jr along the way to try to drop of our Redbox DVD rental but the machine was out of order.

Got home at around 7:15. Sue got going on making supper (spaghetti and meat sauce) while I called Paul and Kathy to talk about their visit here, arriving Friday night. After supper we sat down at our respective stations in front of the TV and enjoyed part one of two 2-hour specials on PBS about Bill Clinton (Sue’s hero). Pretty good. And after that it was beddy-bye time.

And a final note of explanation to my two readers (Sue and MaryLou): Why am I writing this drivel? Is this really a ‘blog’ for anyone else to read? Why is the most interesting detail I write about every day what my snacks and meals consist of? No, this is not a general interest blog. It is a record of the ordinary mundane events of my life. In Roy Loewen’s research about the pioneers of Blumenort he reads the journals of long-dead farmers who recorded the daily weather and how much they sold their grain for — boring stuff. Okay, the weather today was sunny and about 68 degrees. The same as always. And the movies cost $6.50 for a senior ticket. That’s it for today’s important news. See you tomorrow.