A Lion in Gold Canyon

Tuesday: Hanover School Division cancelled classes today because of a big snow storm. Lucky Alex. Weather here was just fine. After reading for a couple of hours we went for a bike ride. Went to return the movie at Walgreens. Then we stopped in at the Mountain Brook clubhouse and asked whether anyone had turned in a Titliest 7-iron (Wayne Peters thought he left his club lying on the front nine here last week Wednesday). Yep, we got the club back. I tried to tie it to my bike for the ride back home. So finding the missing club was the first really good thing that happened today. But there were better things to come.

Riding back along our loop, just as we were passing some of the great holes on the Dinosaur course, I spotted a big dog running across the road just ahead of me. That’s weird! I never see loose dogs running around here. Hey, that’s not a dog. It stops on the road to look at me as I approach. It’s a mountain lion! Right here in town! It turns away from  me and saunters into the ditch and onto the golf course. I’m waving my hands like crazy, hoping Sue will see it too. Nope. She thinks I’m pointing out some features on the houses in the distance.

We’re getting close to the new fire hall they’re building on Don Donnelly. Sue thinks this may be enough cycling for her still-sore back and heads homeward, but I take a little diversion through a big open gate and cycle through the exclusive gated community of Superstition Mountain. Very nice. Nice golf courses, very nice roads, nice houses. Luckily a couple of cars were just leaving through the gates as I was cycling up to the guarded entrance and the I ‘escaped’ through the gates just as they were closing. So that was cool, too.

Lunch. More reading. Sat outside in the warm sun. Then at 3:30 we left for the golf course. Four o’clock tee time. Had to wait for a slow foursome ahead of us. But we still finished just as the sun was setting and the mountain looked great. Sue’s game was pretty good — and that was with a bad back! No excuse for me. I’ll be hitting the driving range tomorrow.

Back home for some leftover spaghetti. Then at 7 we watched part 2 of the two-part Clinton special on PBS (excellent) followed by a 2-hour Frontline about gang violence in Chicago. Sue was tired and went to bed. I wrote my blog entry and watched late night TV.