Ash Wednesday

Fire truck and ambulance in Gold CanyonWednesday: Woke up from a great sleep — I guess it helps when you go to bed after 1am (watching Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report). Breakfast was interrupted when what sounded like a school bus or big truck running on the street in front of our house turned out to be a big fire truck and an EMT van — and then I saw our neighbor lady being taken from our home in a gurney with an IV attached — YIKES! At around 11 Sue and I went for a walk — went to Walgreen’s to pick up the movie “Take Shelter”. Stopped at Bashas on the way home to pick up some fish (and imitation crab!) for our supper tonight. I also printed out the Cactus League schedule at UPS — looking forward to the start of spring training. After lunch Sue did a bit of laundry and I read.

Tonight the Republican Presidential debate takes place in nearby Mesa. The public will not be permitted into the venue although big outdoor screens will be set up in the area. Sue wanted to go see it. Maybe a chance to see Anderson Cooper close up. Or maybe Rick Santorum.

At around 4pm I went to the driving range. Sue stayed home. Worked on hitting my 5 iron. When I got home I talked to neighbor Mike for a bit — found out that his wife had fainted at breakfast and he called 911. They’re keeping her in the hospital for observation tonight, but she should be home tomorrow. Probably a lack of electrolytes he thought.

We had fish and chips for supper. Then we watched the Republican debate from 6 to 8pm. And another 60 minute news show after that. And finally at 9 we put in our movie, “Take Shelter”. It was okay. I had trouble staying awake for all of it. Then off to bed.