Golf and a couple of movies

Thursday: I wasted most of the morning on the internet while Sue went out after breakfast to shop for groceries. Her back is still not very good and so today was a ‘no exercise’ day. Actually I also watched the last 45 minutes of last night’s movie, “Take Shelter”, since I’d slept through it yesterday. I skyped with Jill a bit — talked about our neighbour’s trip to the hospital and possibilities for us to stay past the end of March. After lunch Sue spent the afternoon on the lounger in the back yard, reading. I finally finished my book (Mark Whitaker’s autobiography). Then it was time to head out to the golf course for our final golf game before Paul and Kathy come for a week. It was 80 degrees today — a beautiful day — and I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised it was a busy day at the golf course. So we ended up golfing with that same couple who were ahead of us (and golfing rather slowly) on Tuesday. But it was okay. We learned that they were leaving to go back to Ohio tomorrow — they have a house here in Peralta Trails. The golf didn’t seem to bother Sue’s back too much. And we had fun. When we got home I barbecued cheeseburgers and traced a logo on the computer for Tim. After supper we watched Jon Steward and Colbert before sitting through 90 minutes of dancing — which is the Oscar-nominated “Pina” (Best Documentary Feature). What a waste of time. But the second film (also one of my downloads) was quite a bit better: “My Week with Marilyn”, nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. I think we’ve now caught up with all the movies we need to watch before the Oscars show on Sunday. We’ve not seen “W.E.” (1 nomination), and I have not rented “Transformers” and “Harry Potter”, two movies with 3 nominations each. But in all the major categories we are good to make our own Oscar picks. We ended the night with a bit of ice cream and cookies and watched the last part of Letterman followed by Jimmy Fallon.