Saturday Cleaning — on Friday!

Friday: Another warm day in Arizona. Maybe the warmest this year. After breakfast I downloaded some new music and listened to it. Then we hopped into the van and went to the fruit and vegetable market to buy some fresh fruits. We also stopped at Fry’s, a big grocery store, and bought a few more groceries there. Then we went home and had lunch. After lunch I vacuumed the house and Sue did some laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. The she went and sat outside and read. I went to wash the car and then hit a small bucket of balls at the driving range. Then I went home and we had a little afternoon snack to tide us over until our late supper.

We drove down to the airport and Sue headed into Terminal 3 to pick up Paul and Kathy. We waited in the ‘cell phone waiting’ parking lot for about 30 minutes and then picked them up at the terminal. We drove back home along the 60, and got home at around 7pm. Sat around the table and visited.

Sue made a big Mexican tortilla for supper. Good — but we’ll need to be a bit careful not toe serve food that is too spicy for Paul. Then we sat around the table and visited until 11pm, which is 1 am for our Ontario guests. Pretty impressive. We went to bed after that.