Day 3 of the Masters

Saturday: A lazy Saturday. I woke up at 4 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up. Sat at my computer for a couple of hours and waited for a respectable time to have my first coffee. Sue got up at around 7. We had bacon and eggs. With our windows open the birds begin singing just before sunrise and make a lot of noise for much of the morning. The dove outside my window is now sitting on her nest pretty much full-time.

It didn’t feel very hot outside today — just the right temperature for a run around the block. Sue did that yesterday; today I joined her. It’s about a mile. I had to stop running and walk a bit it catch my breath. We had leftover pizza for lunch. It was better than it was last night for supper — but not much. Then we watched Day 3 of the Masters Golf Championship on TV. Good television! Tiger stumbled. Phil Mickelson made an enthusiastic charge. By the end of the day Phil was 1 back of Peter Hanson of Sweden at -8. It will be a great final day tomorrow.

As soon as golf on TV was over we hopped into the van and headed to Mountain Brook. A slow foursome ahead of us let us play through on hole number 7. Although I had a few bogies, I was discouraged by some terrible tee shots on the short holes. But as usual, in spite of the scores, we had fun.

curried shrimpYummy!Sue made some delicious curried shrimp with pasta and a salad for supper. Yummy! No Redbox movie rental tonight; we watched Bat*21, the Gene Hackman movie I downloaded. It’s about a Vietnam pilot who gets shot down behind enemy lines and gets rescued. His love of golf plays a role in helping him find his way out. After the movie and our usual ice cream and chocolate sauce night snack, we went to bed.