Great Friday!

Friday: Still had internet problems — on and off all day. Irmy called Sue and had to redial many times because our connection kept cutting out. Sue went for a run around the block. She finished reading her two books, “The Hunger Games” and I don’t know what the other book was. After lunch we watched the Masters Golf on TV. Sue called Val and told her the news about Alex. Sue with a driver on Hole 8Then at around 4pm we went golfing. Had to wait for a couple of carts to go by and finish their tournament and then we had the course to ourselves. For a while we were shooting two balls each. A highlight was when we both reached the green with our tee shots on Hole 7 — and came away with a birdie for me and a par for Sue. Really, other than that, the scoring wasn’t very good for me. We each lost a ball. But we had fun. We returned our movie rental and then went to Bashas to pick up a pizza for supper. Added extra toppings. Watched the end of the Masters on TV while we ate less than half of the pizza. The pizza was bit of a disappointment, but we’ll probably finish tomorrow and then be on to better things for Sunday. Watched some ‘news’ shows on TV and went to bed early. Tired. It felt like Saturday all day today, but it was actually Good Friday. Yippie! that means there’s still 2 more days of weekend to come!