Bike, Golf on TV, Golf on course, Movie

Thursday: I guess the title of this post says it all. Read a bit in the morning. Had internet “issues” all day — it was cutting out for extended periods of time. Hope it will be fixed tomorrow or we’ll have to go to the MediaCom office. I filled up the tires on Robert’s nice road bike, raised the seat, and Sue and I went for a quick ride to Walgreen’s before lunch. The first day of the Master’s in Augusta was already on the Golf Channel when we left.

After lunch we watched golf on TV all afternoon. Well, actually I apparently snored through and hour and a half of it. Sue only napped ‘gracefully’ and quietly. At 4:00 we were once again at Mountain Brook for another spectacular late afternoon of whacking the ball around. Some bogies. A par. Some wild drives. A few sand traps. But everything is blooming now and looking great.

Got home and had leftover tortilla torte with our gin & tonics. Then, after Daily Show reruns we watched our Redbox DVD rental, “A Dangerous Method”. It was a story about Freud and Carl Jung. So-so. Actually, not very good. Followed it up with a couple of “20/20” reruns that were more interesting. I tried to stay awake long enough to watch Anthony Bourdain guest on The Daily Show at 11:00, but I’m afraid I missed that. Finally headed to bed ‘for real’ at midnight.