Divisional Saturday

Slept in a bit today. Sue finally woke me because she wanted her morning coffee and wouldn’t make it unless I was up too. We sat at our ipads and read the news. We vacuumed and dusted the house. Then lunch. Then at 1pm the first of today’s 2 division championship NFL games began.
Since I really didn’t have a horse in the race — the Giants didn’t make the playoffs and the Vikings lost in the first round — I had to pick the teams to cheer for. I decided to cheer for the Broncos over the Ravens because: I really don’t like Flaco, the QB for the Ravens; Peyton is a Manning, just like the Giants’ QB; Elway got rid of Tebow and brought in Peyton, a ‘real’ quarterback. Well, anyway, it was a great game, but in the end, and I mean really the end — it took double overtime for Baltimore to upset Denver. Okay, so far my record sucks.
Skyped with the kids — Tim’s feeling a bit better. Max is eating like a horse. Alex is feeling better. Everyone’s ‘stormed in’ at home. Hey, it’s kind of cold here too, although not THAT cold.
Sue had to do the golf course walk on her own tonight — I had me some football to watch.

Still wearing my Vikings sweater, but I'm cheering for the Niners.
Still wearing my Vikings sweater, but I’m cheering for the Niners.
Next game, which started at 5pm local time, featured the 49ers hosting the Packers. It would be pretty sweet if the Packers would lose this game. And boy, was that ever a good game. We ate our leftover pizza and enchiladas in front of the TV and I was pretty much jumping out of my seat as the second half of the game was even better than the first half! In the end, San Francisco beat Green Bay 45-31.
After football we watched a bit of news. Sue went to bed early — tired. I stayed up until 1, working on my web project and watching an old BeeGee’s concert video. Tomorrow: more football — I think it starts at 9am!