Cool Friday in the Desert

When I woke up this morning radio said it was going to be cold today and colder tomorrow. I had coffee and took a few photos of the sprinklers going full blast on the 13th hole outside our patio.

morning-sprinklers_2After scrambled eggs and toast, we skyped with Alex a bit — it’s a blizzard at home, schools are closed, Tim’s got Alex’s flu now and is sick at home in bed. I worked on the web project a bit.

rudy_at_the_printshop_1After lunch we put on our mittens and took the bikes out for a spin. Since there were 2 cards in the mailbox (and a ton of flyers and even a parcel from Amazon (wisk for Sue from the condo owners) we had to get to the post office on Hovley. Our Canadian Tire Mastercard had arrived in the mail. Whoopee! We continued our ride east until we got to a big corner complex, including a UPS print shop and an Albertson’s grocery store. I printed out all of Sue’s Holiday Travel reports from my USB flash drive — and the Oscar and Golden Globe ballots for me. Sue picked up some lettuce from the grocery store. We cycled back to our place. Cold, but the slight incline on the route got the heart rate going and we warmed up quickly.

sue_with_new_ipad_mini_1sue_skyping_with_max_1We were not home long when there was a loud rap on the door — UPS, parcel for Sue. Her iPad mini arrived. Yippee. So while I started it up and configured it (not so hard, since all we had to do was connect to the network, and install apps from the iCloud backup! — took about 15 minutes) Alex skyped again. Max was cooing and laughing and bouncing around in his lounger.
Then at around 5 we left again, this time in the van. Went down to the California Pizza place on El Paseo. Good place. Way better pizza than what we had last week.
After supper we went to the Westfield Theatre to see the 7:15 showing of “The Impossible” — a movie based on a true story about the 2004 tsunami disaster in Thailand. A very good movie — very well done. We got home and watched some oscar discussion on Charlie Rose before going to bed.