A Windy Day in Southern California

I mean, REALLY windy! As we had our breakfast we watched the ladies golfing on our course hang on to their caps and try their best to hit the ball against the wind. And it got worse as the morning went on. I saw women with ear muffs, even scarves over their faces, but determined to have their golf game.
After a skype with JP and lunch, Sue and I went for a long walk. It really wasn’t all that cold, but the wind was terrible. We went down to the Westfield Mall, about 4 miles from our place, to see a matinee. Because the Oscar nominations were announced today (and I had saved the ballot to a flash drive, hoping to print out a couple so I could play along at home), there was quite a line-up at the movie ticket office. In fact, our theatre filled right up by the time the movie began. Well, we DID take our camera along with us, but it stayed in Sue’s purse, so no photo from the walk. I guess I could pilfer a photo from the “Lincoln” movie promo images — but I’ll let you go and look that up on your own. The movie was pretty good — and although it didn’t seem like it while we were watching it, the movie was quite long. So by the time we exited the theatre it was totally dark outside! It was 6:00pm. We went to the Walgreens to pick up some sour cream, but decided to leave the printing of our oscar ballots, etc. at the UPS store for another day. Now we had to walk all the way back to our place, and although the sidewalk was very dark (not too many street lights here — makes the evening seem even darker than at home) at least we were now ‘with wind’. Got home at around 7. Sue made some great chicken fajitas. I watched the Daily Show and Colbert. After supper we watched another movie on TV, “My Idiot Brother”. Boring. Sue went to bed. I worked on my web project for a couple of hours and watched the late night talk shows.